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Preferred Provider for US - Rapid study Start-up – Recruitment

Program Description
CROMSOURCE was awarded a program of three studies in the US in the respiratory area.

Through our hybrid delivery platform, we utilised a combination of our people, procedures, systems and supporting infrastructure that underpins all of our partnerships.

We made an immediate assessment of available resources in-house and supplemented this with external hires for functions where there were gaps.

Staff Requirements
The fully dedicated team were 5 Project Managers, 30 CRA’s, 2 Project Coordinators, and 10 Clinical Trial Administrators to join the Clinical Operations Department.

We had to be ready to hire any external team members as soon as the contract was signed which took approximately 8 weeks.  The team had to be available for training immediately on award.

This was an organised and focussed operation with the assignment of the existing team and the onboarding of new staff.

We received 1068 candidates, we screened 165 candidates and 91 were interviewed. Finally 56 candidates had an offer and 47 of them accepted positions.

The whole team was then fully operational within 2 weeks from the signature of the contract.

Key Learnings
Shared vision was very important and a true partnership with all key internal stakeholders was needed.

Up-front staff planning in all areas was required, with close communication throughout the recruitment and onboarding stages.

Furthermore, in this situation, knowledge of the US recruitment market was key and our expert recruiters worked with the operational teams in a seamless approach to the recruitment piece.

Proactive marketing of jobs on social media for maximum exposure in the candidate market place was very important in finding enough candidates of the right calibre.

Preferred Provider for European Clinical Trial Supply Management

Program Description
In 2009, CROMSOURCE was awarded a Master Services Agreement with a large Pharma company in Belgium.

Through TalentSource, we successfully delivered an office-based team of Clinical Trial Supply Management professionals for their European Clinical Trial Services facilities and have an ongoing relationship with them in the status of First Tier Supplier.

Staff Requirements
The team consists of Associates and Coordinators, giving support to their Clinical Material Logistics, Clinical Material Sourcing & Packaging and Quality Departments.

The initial set-up of the team was bound by fast timelines leading to up to 25 staff at any one time. We receive ongoing ad-hoc requests to add to the existing team for which external recruitment is required.

Key Learnings
Up-front staff planning in all areas is required with close communication throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.

It is essential to minimise any potential co-employment risks.

A specific training program was set-up for the sponsor dedicated team covering soft skills and languages.

Annual Governance Meetings and regular operational level meetings are in place to discuss performance.

Preferred Provider for Global FSP

Program Description
In 2013, CROMSOURCE was awarded with a Global Master Functional Service Provider for a large Pharma company. In 2014 TalentSource was selected as TIER 1 supplier through a partnership program.

TalentSource is receiving ad-hoc resourcing for Clinical, Regulatory and Biometrics roles with very fast ramp-up and turnaround agreed supported by metrics and Service level agreements.

We have established contacts both in Europe and US for all resourcing needs with Governance level oversight.

Staff Requirements
A team of Clinical Project Managers, Assistants, CMC Regulatory Leads and Site Engagement Managers operating in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and US.

First CV’s were submitted to the client with a maximum of 5 business days and the hit rate (candidates interviewed that are hired) is more than 30%. The average time of placement is around 40 days.

The retention (completion of the initial assignment) that has been attained on this project is a minimum of 95%.

Key Learnings
A Partnership approach have been identified in terms of relationship, transparency, integrity and shared goals. Clear communication plans and roadmaps have been installed immediately from the beginning.

Regular reviews have been set-up to check on progress in all work-streams.

As the relationship grew, metrics were redefined. Some changes have been made for local requirements versus global ones.

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