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Resourcing Solution Services

We have supported many preferred provider partnerships from multiple country relationships, to many local relationships in the area of human capital.

This experience has allowed us to deliver resources in a short time frame and add value to our partners through our customised resourcing models.

TalentSource understand that our clients depend upon us for flexible, rapid, expert support. We listen carefully to our clients and then act quickly to ensure their needs are met perfectly, no matter what the model is that they choose to work with us in, meeting all the criteria required in terms of quality, level of service, KPIs and cost.


We have seen many trends in our industry come and go, and the introduction of many ‘new’ models of staffing support.

Our success is, however, attributed to our focus on what may seem more basic but fundamental factors, rather than the latest trends.

Below you can find an overview of the models we offer to our clients to provide solutions to their needs.

Functional Solutions (FSP)

With our FSP structure, our clients have a higher level of service than with traditional staffing models, providing teams of experienced staff across a specific functional area. This approach can reduce the need for operational cover by our clients with our teams taking the responsibility of the function.

Key benefits:

  • Scalable – FSP is completely scalable by service, geography and size.
  • Flexible – FSP can be changed dynamically within the boundaries of the overall service scope to meet varying requirements including flexibility on use of CROMSOURCE or Client SOPs.
  • Control – As the client you keep ultimate control and with our dynamic, real-time reporting you can anticipate, identify and proactively avoid issues before they arise.
  • Client Integrated – You are not required to tie-in on a standard service level, each FSP is assembled within an individual client’s requirement to deliver their exact needs.
  • Cost Efficiencies – streamlined processes can result in cost reductions of around 20%-30% below those delivered by fully outsourced trials.  Working with fewer vendors and reducing contracts and invoices.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Creating a more flexible model is key to success for many clients. We can provide full or part-project teams, tailored according to the project requirements.

This model combines the seamless cooperation between TalentSource and CROMSOURCE internal Operations and the dedicated CROMSOURCE Team acts as an extension of your team. It offers full scalability in terms to duration of service, commitment and location. Services can be bundled together for increased flexibility in allocation of internal and/or external resources to quickly ramp-up or down. This service can be used as a transition from traditional insourcing/staff augmentation to a full FSP model as your business grows or the best of the two models of full-service outsourcing and FSP.

We find that some of our customers want the transparency, control, flexibility of an FSP, but also to benefit from the CRO knowledge and processes you get from working with a full service CRO. This coupled with the focus of the conventional Full-Service Model, enables CROMSOURCE to provide the optimal solution.

Insourcing / Staff Augmentation

TalentSource provides customised contract resourcing solutions using qualified and competent candidates. Whether you need a single person or a whole team or are resourcing a study or country, TalentSource listens to you, understands your needs and delivers experts to ensure delivery of your projects.

Our experienced Consultants and established training and development infrastructure, ensure our client-based personnel are expertly managed, well trained and ready to make a difference! Our services are designed to cover a variety of needs, from interim vacancies, workload peaks, headcount freezes, maternity leave etc.

By taking time to get to know our Clients and our people, we are able to precisely match experts who not only meet the professional requirements of the role, but who also fit the Client company culture.

We carefully evaluate that the experts we identify are always the best people presented to our clients. TalentSource supports our experts with the smooth onboarding with our client teams, if needed, client interviews are arranged and once the team is set-up, we fully support our experts and clients throughout the lifetime of the projects.

With our dedicated line management provision, we can support you in issue escalation and release you from administrative work, as well as understanding the local employment laws relating to the contracting of flexible resources. CROMSOURCE provides outstanding benefits and works with our resources on career development resulting in very positive retention rates and employees’ feedback. We maintain close communication with each client to continually assess services provided and to continue to meet the requirements of the client. Our resources are an extension of clients’ study teams and they are facilitating day by day the conduct of clients’ projects efficiently and effectively.

Combined Solutions Provision

For a combination of development services, we will work with you to design a model that suits your specific needs for quality, geographic coverage and speed of delivery. By offering an option to our Sponsors to have control but also be able to ramp-up a large team of staff to support a single study or studies, the combined service model is ideal.

Providing flexible resources through the TalentSource unit, coupled with additional add-on services from the CRO business, this model is particularly suited for Sponsors to extend their global reach but who wish to retain project management oversight.

Permanent Placements

Through our international reach, large database and experience in your work, TalentSource can support you when it is time to make a permanent appointment. We can assist you in finding the best possible match for your open position, whatever the function or seniority. Whether you are looking for a talented junior or a seasoned executive, we have the right understanding and network to ensure you select the perfect candidate.


CROMSOURCE and TalentSource are experts in the industry in which our clients work. We apply our knowledge to support our clients and suggest the best solutions to their challenges.

If we need to look outside of our organisation to find resources, we approach recruitment in the same way that a recruitment agency would do. Talent acquisition is a core competency of TalentSource and we have been finding the best talent for clinical development roles for 25 years.

The recruitment process is established to attract and hire qualified candidates and over the years we have refined and perfected the process to ensure not only that credentials and qualifications are accurate, but that the match to the role is also optimal. We take pride in listening carefully to each candidate and discovering their aspirations, strengths and preferred working style. In this way we can ensure that the experts we provide to our clients are well matched professionally and suited to the working culture of the client team. This attention to detail ensures that the experts we provide to our clients will be happy with their new role, which in turn leads to team stability, motivation and excellent performance.

CROMSOURCE networks through professional industry-related organisations and national conventions; searches and posts positions on many internet websites; advertises using various mediums; and at times, may partner with employment agencies for specialised positions. Our process:

Our Process:


‘Ahead of the curve’ recruitment prior to award and internal candidates identification – local knowledge of the local market



Recruitment tailored to project needs, managed as discrete projects – enables full understanding of project needs



Fully integrated recruitment software – state of the art technology

Integrated with major job boards, social media, LinkedIn and our own dedicated careers area on our websites – TalentSource and CROMSOURCE

  • LinkedIn, with Recruiter Licence, and other social networking – Targeted adverts Purchased key positioning on search engines (like Google) – open positions more prominently displayed
  • Targeted adverts, mailers and referrals undertaken
  • Job ads have premium positioning on job aggregator sites
  • Specialist agencies

Areas of Specialisation

Covering all functions and roles within the following areas:

  • Clinical research operations

  • Medical devices specialization

  • Medical affairs

  • Logistics & supply chain

  • Clinical data management

  • Quality assurance / quality control

  • Regulatory affairs

  • Research & development

  • Pharmacovigilance / drug safety

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