Expert Support. Flexibly Delivered.

TalentSource Life Sciences understands industry trends for FSP and other ‘new’ staffing models but we embrace a simpler solution.

We listen to you and propose a solution which fits your needs! So you do not receive a standard ‘FSP Model’ or a standard ‘Retained FTE Model’. You receive your own model, custom designed to suit you perfectly. And because we take time to get to know you and how you work, the experts we select are perfectly suited both to your needs and to your working culture.


At TalentSource, our approach is to equally value our clients and our own people.

We know that we are not simply providing ‘staff’ or ‘resources’. We are providing expert people. Highly talented, well trained, motivated people who make a positive difference to the work of our clients every day. Together we help our clients succeed in their work developing medicines and medical devices for patients around the world.


At TalentSource, we recognise the importance of having a highly knowledgeable and professional team working on your clinical trial.

That is why TalentSource not only provides our clients with the best candidates for the job, we also invest heavily in training and developing them for the future. This ensures our TalentSource staff are up to date with the latest developments and regulations within the clinical research industry. All training programmes are developed in-house and cover soft skills, clinical research and often therapy area updates. In addition, our in-house training team are able to work closely with our clients to develop specific training which may be required by the project. By joining TalentSource, clinical research professionals are able to enjoy rewarding careers with support and development opportunities normally only associated with large clinical research companies. Annual appraisals identify individuals’ skills and competencies and is the time to identify training needs and prepare a personal development plan. Regular meetings throughout the year ensure that TalentSource staff remain well trained, motivated and continue to develop along their chosen career path.

TalentSource Life Sciences has developed a successful approach to supporting clients with flexible expert resourcing solutions.

We can define this approach in a number of steps: Search The TalentSource team works hard to locate the very best candidates to fill each position. We look to our extensive database, and if necessary actively seek additional candidates through targeted advertising Evaluation & Assessment We carefully evaluate the experts we have identified to ensure the best people are presented to our clients Support TalentSource supports our experts prior to client interviews and if successfully appointed we fully support our experts and clients through the onboarding process and throughout the lifetime of the appointment Communication TalentSource maintains close communication with each client to continually assess the expert support we provide, and learn if there are any improvements we can implement or additional requirements we can assist with

TalentSource has been interviewing candidates for clinical development roles for nearly twenty five years.

Over the years we have refined and perfected the process to ensure not only that credentials and qualifications are accurate. We take pride in listening carefully to each candidate and discovering their aspirations, strengths and preferred working style. In this way we can ensure that the experts we provide to our clients are well matched professionally and suited to the working culture of the client team. This attention to detail ensures that the experts we provide to our clients will be happy with their new role, which in turn leads to team stability, motivation and excellent performance.