Experts Providing Experts

TalentSource Life Sciences represents a new face for a well-established business started 25 years ago when CROMSOURCE first entered the staffing solutions market.

Since then we have seen many trends in our industry come and go, and the introduction of many ‘new’ models of staffing support. Our success is, however, attributed to our focus on what may seem more basic but fundamental factors, rather than the latest trends:

CROMSOURCE and TalentSource Life Sciences are experts in the industry in which our clients work. We apply our knowledge to support our clients and suggest the best solutions to their challenges.

TalentSource understand that our clients depend upon us for flexible, rapid, expert support. We listen carefully to them and then act quickly to ensure their needs are met perfectly.

We know that our clients’ needs may not exactly match an established staffing model. At TalentSource, we provide a customised solution – each client receives their own model, perfectly tailored to their needs.

Our team of TalentSource experts are responsible for our clients meeting their goals. We value our people highly, and provide custom training plans and close support to ensure that they are happy and stable in their role with TalentSource and our clients.

By taking time to get to know our clients and our people we are able to match propose experts to our clients who not only meet the professional requirements of the role, but who also match the working culture of the client.